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Reliable and up-to-date

Van Berkel Groep takes the greatest possible care to ensure that the information on this website is reliable and up-to-date. However, making mistakes is human and we too can miss something. Do you come across something on the website that is not correct? Please let us know!

Using information

Would you like to use data, advice or ideas from our website? And do you want to be sure that the information is correct? Then please check it with us. You may also be able to obtain information on this website in writing or as a PDF file. If there are differences in the texts, the text in the paper version/pdf file is correct. You cannot derive any rights from the information on this website.

Links on the website

This website contains (hyper) links to websites of other organizations and institutions. And links are made to this website from other websites. Such (hyper) links are only intended to easily provide you with additional information. You cannot derive any rights from it.

Electronic messages

We do our best to respond to emails and other electronic messages as quickly as possible. It is possible that a message does not reach us properly or on time. Or that there are circumstances that prevent us from responding or not on time. We can therefore not accept any liability for the consequences of not receiving these messages or processing them too late.

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