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Bulk logistics

Storage and transshipment of bulk goods at the bulk terminal in Veghel

There is high demand for bulk goods in the North East Brabant region, particularly for the construction, agricultural, and food sectors. Through our bulk terminal at Zuid-Willemsvaart in Veghel, Van Berkel Logistics offers a range of options for storage and transshipment of goods. The bulk terminal is easily accessible via the A50 and N279. With our intermodal transport service, we are your partner for efficient transport solutions.

Bulklogistiek - Diensten

Agrobulk, construction materials, and residual substances

Our bulk terminal is a good 1.2 hectares in size and processes three product streams with storage and transshipment:

  • Agrobulk
  • Construction materials
  • Residual substances

Range of facilities for comprehensive service provision

The bulk terminal has a liquid-tight floor area of 8000 m2 and spacious storage areas. We also have flexible transshipment equipment available, including cranes, unloading hoppers, two weigh bridges for up to 70 tons, and an anti-spill/transshipment unit. These facilities, plus our extensive environmental permit, allow us to serve you in a number of ways:

  • Storage and transshipment
  • Loading into upright containers
  • Transport by road and water

If you would like further information about our storage and transshipment services, please get in touch.

Bulklogistiek - Diensten

Services from Van Berkel Bouwstoffen & Transport

Bouwstoffen & Transport, or construction materials and transport, is one of the four businesses within the Van Berkel Groep. The business undertakes a number of activities at our bulk terminal location:

  • Acceptance and collection residual substances
  • Processing of substances into renewable products

Please visit the website of Van Berkel Bouwstoffen & Transport for further information about the services available.

Bulk transshipment in Oss

We offer bulk transshipment services at Inland terminal Oss in collaboration with OOC Terminals.

Bulklogistiek - Diensten

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