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Complementary service for container logistics

Van Berkel Logistics offers more than just intermodal transport. With a range of complementary services, from container conditioning to load handling, we provide complete peace of mind.

Containerlogistiek - Services

Empty depot

We maintain several depots for shipping companies at our terminals in Veghel, Cuijk, and Oss. This means that containers can quickly be prepared for export as soon as your goods have been unloaded. Working with shipping companies, we reduce the number of empty containers that we transport and limit the overall number of transport movements. This also helps us to make a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions.

Gas measurements and container ventilation

Import containers may contain harmful gases. To ensure that you and your employees are not at risk, Van Berkel Logistics works together with specialist businesses in order to perform gas measurements and container ventilation.

Container conditioning

Van Berkel Logistics offers more than just container inspection – we clean and repair containers, and attach liner bags. We also carry out pre-trip inspections at our terminals in Veghel, Cuijk, and Oss.


Our terminals in Veghel, Cuijk, and Oss have reefer plugs available for the electricity supply for refrigerated containers. In Veghel, we have the ability to connect up to 102 reefer containers, all individually fused. In Cuijk, we have 16 reefer plugs and in Oss 40.

Containerlogistiek - Services
  • Containerlogistiek - Services
  • Containerlogistiek - Services
  • Containerlogistiek - Services

Trailer with generator set

We have a number trailers equipped with generator sets for the movement of temperature-sensitive loads by road. This allows us to supply electricity to your reefer containers during transport.

Load handling

You can also take advantage of the following options that Van Berkel Logistics has available for load handling:

  • Stowing of loads in containers
  • Stripping of loads from containers
  • Cross-docking and or warehousing

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