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Transport combination container and bulk

Van Berkel Logistics combines container transport with bulk transport

Van Berkel Logistics loads bulk goods into upright containers to enable bulk and container transport combinations. This way, we can load higher volumes and avoid the need for liner bags. We use calibrated weigh bridges to weigh the loaded containers, with a maximum deviation of 20 kilogrammes. Our terminal in Veghel has an extensive environmental permit, which means that we can transship and transport a wide range of residual materials with this combination method.

  • Containerlogistiek - Combi bulk
  • Containerlogistiek - Combi bulk
  • Containerlogistiek - Combi bulk
  • Containerlogistiek - Combi bulk

Combined transport service

We offer a number of complementary services for combined transport:

  • Preparation of containers for bulk transport
  • Attachment of liner bags
  • Conditioning and upgrading of containers
  • Cleaning of tank containers for food products
  • Vertical container loading
  • Container tilting
  • Horizontal container loading for bulk, such as for tyres or wood

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