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Van Berkel Logistics continues OOC container terminal

Datum September 7, 2020

Samen kom je verder. Zeker in de intermodale logistiek. Daarom draagt OOC beheer haar containeractiviteiten in Oss per 8 september over aan Van Berkel Logistics. De Osse terminal wordt vanaf dan opgenomen in het netwerk van Van Berkel Logistics als Inland Terminal Oss, samen met Inland Terminal Veghel en Inland Terminal Cuijk.

Why this collaboration?

For an optimal development of the intermodal activities in the East Brabant region, it is desirable to achieve more cooperation between the terminals. Bundling of container shipping, development of continental rail freight, more efficient regional transport between terminals and customers, and also fast IT developments require more focus and scale. Based on the future vision of both companies, this step forms a strong basis to better serve cargo stakeholders.

Strong base

Starting in September, OOC Terminals will concentrate on the logistics and storage and transshipment of bulk and break bulk and the development of continental rail connections via its two terminals in the port of Oss.

Van Berkel Logistics and OOC Terminals will each work together from their own discipline on the development of multimodal goods transport in the region.

The container activities will be continued on the current terrain at the Waalkade 17c in Oss. The bulk and break bulk activities will be continued on the sites Waalkade 19 and Merwedestraat 5 in Oss.

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