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Achieving a 100% CO2 reduction through the use of HVO100 fuel

Datum November 15, 2023

As part of their efforts to achieve 100% carbon-neutral transportation, Vanderlande and Van Berkel Logistics initiated a project in January 2023 which saw them switch to using HVO100 fuel. The first results reveal that both companies have transported containers in a 100% carbon-neutral way. Savings have been achieved by using the “green” fuel combined with intermodal transport solutions.

To offset the carbon generated from container transportation, the emissions released through the use of ships and trucks, and by the lifting of containers at the terminals, must be compensated. Vanderlande and Van Berkel have achieved this by deploying four trucks that run entirely on HVO100 fuel. HVO stands for Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil, which is a 100% organic alternative to diesel fossil fuel.

Allocating carbon savings

Both companies are taking a significant step in the transition to a zero carbon future, and HVO100 is by no means the final destination. The project will continue to evolve in the coming months and be expanded to a number of other Van Berkel logistics customers. All savings will be allocated to customers in a traceable and transparent manner, as is the case for Vanderlande. In addition to using HVO100, other possibilities are also being explored, including shipping more goods over water and deploying electric- or hydrogen-powered trucks.

Sustainability – it’s in our DNA

This project aligns with the goals of both Vanderlande and Van Berkel Logistics to continuously seek sustainable solutions that can reduce their carbon emissions. To that end, both companies implement sustainable initiatives in collaboration with customers and suppliers.

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